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Education Scotland’s Learning Blog: Literacy and Gaidhlig

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Curriculum for Excellence: GÓidhlig Excellence Group

The Group's report for the Scottish Government, on Gaelic medium Education, February 2011


Multilingual Scotland

The Government's languages policy offers the opportunity to reflect on the development of Scotland as a diverse, complex, multicultural and multilingual nation. We, as a nation, should celebrate this diversity and the diverse languages in our midst. This diversity includes Scotland's own languages, Gaelic and Scots. The languages spoken increasingly in communities throughout Scotland offer schools and learners the chance to learn more about their own and other cultures. (Page 6)

...research shows that children in GME also find learning another (third) language easier than children in English medium. (Page 11)

From: Language Learning in Scotland: A 1+2 Approach
Scottish Government Languages Working Group Report and Recommendations (May 2012)


Gaelic Language Plan

[6.6.13] Skills Development Scotland's Gaelic Language Plan is now available in both Gaelic and English.
The Plan has been approved by Comataidh Cleachdadh GÓidhlig and B˛rd na GÓidhlig and signals the organisation's commitment to the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005.


Briefing on Gaelic Education

[20.6.14] For the latest information from Education Scotland on Gaelic Learner Education, Gaelic Medium Education and learning about Gaelic language and culture as part of Scotland's identity: